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Luskentyre, Isle of Harris
Cha sgeul-rùin e agus fios aig triùir air. Once three people know about it, it’s no longer a secret.
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Escape Themes

This secret is strictly between you and me - Scotland’s furthest edge. You may have heard of it but only by escaping to the edge are its mysteries uncovered. Then, and only then, will you realise that the total experience at the edge is considerably greater than the sum of its component parts of nature, culture, beaches, islands, sea and sky.

And what’s more, the experience at the edge is infinitely variable, the component mix changing subtly along a continuum from the northern isles of Shetland, through Orkney, Caithness and down the west coast to land’s end at Kintyre, but not forgetting the enchanting islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides and Arran.

And everywhere along that continuum, whether you are on its mainland or on one of the hundreds of islands on Scotland’s edge, you can enjoy rich wildlife, immerse yourself in the Norse and Gaelic cultures, marvel at magnificent scenery, lose yourself on the broad empty beaches beneath immense skies.

There is one common denominator in all this diversity, that’s the sense of peace, solitude and well-being which washes over and cleanses you at the edge.

The wonders of escaping to the edge are a secret between the two of us – tell a third person only if you must.

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