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St Kilda, Western Isles
O mo dhùthaich, 's tu th'air m'aire, Uibhist chùbhraidh, ùr nan gallan, Sweet scented Uist of the oceans, you are on my mind. Trad. Gaelic Song
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Visitors beware. Going further into this site could seriously improve your health because it will help unlock your great escape northwards and westwards, to the very edge of Europe and by escaping to the edge you risk a fundamental change for the better.Among the recognised ‘escape’ side-effects are greater peace of mind, less urgency and greater contentment.

Various combinations of escape are on offer and all assure relief from the stresses and strains of modern life. You could, for example take a risk on the palliative effects of visiting the northern isles of Orkney and Shetland and experience their stunning landscapes, a vibrant nordic culture and peerless archaeology, not to mention abounding wildlife both on land and offshore.

Another venture would be to take yourself off to the north and west of mainland Scotland whose grandeur, stretching from the magnificent coast of Kintyre in the south, the craggy eminence of Cape Wrath in the north to the fabulous sea cliffs of Caithness in the north-east is unsurpassed. Here too is wildlife in abundance, a strong Gaelic and Norse history and heritage.

Then again, you could gamble on spending some time in the peaceful solitude of the islands to the west whose edges are trimmed with gleaming shell-sand beaches, and where, in islands like Arran, Skye and Mull, grandeur, peace, history, ecology and environment meld together deliciously.

So, the dangers of proceeding further in this site are real and immediate – you risk being tempted to escape to places which will do you the world of good. You have been warned, but can you dare to resist the temptation?

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